Die-cut business cards with special finish

Die-cut business cards with special finish

Judah April 10, 2022

To give your die-cut business card a unique look, you have the option of adding a special finish, in order to highlight some details of your graphics:

3D varnish: gives a relief effect pleasant to the touch to some details of the image, by applying a layer of high-thickness transparent varnish.

Gold lamination: highlights some areas of the graphic through the adhesion of a gold sheet.

Silver lamination: enhances some details of the graphics with the application of a silver sheet.

Choose the finish that is right for you and shape a business card that is unique of its kind and of remarkable workmanship die-cutting services in Rolling Meadows, IL.

The graphics of your die-cut business cards

Don’t have the knowledge to set up your print file yourself? Do not worry. We put at your disposal a convenient Design Service to accompany you even during the design of your business card. You will be supported by one of our professional graphic designers who will be able to modify your graphics or create a new proposal, based on your indications.

Alternatively, you also have the option of using Designer, our free online editor, to create your graphics directly within our website in just a few clicks.

This, in turn, has led to a greater demand for the service related to label printing. Therefore label printing can be defined in a simple term as the process of printing custom mainly for labels using a different method.

Shaped business cards and many other models

Within our extensive online catalog you can find many different models of business cards. Not only shaped business cards with rounded corners, but also classic paper business cards, ennobled business cards, transparent pvc business cards and recycled business cards – Lots of models, all customizable and adaptable to your style.

Extraprint paper: of the highest quality and with a white surface, a precious and impressive material.

Turner paper: felt marked on both sides, gives an “orange peel” effect. It looks elegant.

Matt plasticized paper: characterized by high resistance and able to give brilliance to colors and sharpness to texts.

Glossy laminated paper: resistant and characterized by realistic colors and defined details.

Soft touch laminated paper: for a pleasant touch sensation.