wedding favors

Open new possibilities for wedding favors

wedding favors

Open new possibilities for wedding favors

Judah July 25, 2020

You always thought to go down the hall, this is one of your goals in life. You were invited to the wedding of your friend, your cousin, your teacher, your daughter-in-law’s brother and the weddings of many other people. You have received dozens of ideas for wedding gifts and wedding cards in your name.

The cards filled his entire box. What can you do with the cards? Do you have to throw it away? What about wedding services?

Do you want to know what to do with all these wedding gifts?

Imagine you are cleaning up the mess in your office and you find dozens of different wedding cards and souvenirs. Do you want to know what to do about it? Give new life to your wedding memories with these useful wedding ideas.

  • Put your wedding cards in notes as a diary of the wedding events you attended. Depending on the volume and materials used for the wedding cards, you can carefully store them in notes to remember how many wedding events you held.
  • Or you can cut your name from these cards and use them as shortcuts for your other things. Mark it in your organizer or diary, or simply turn it into a personalized sticker.

Brings a new aroma of candles and soap

Here is another dose of good wedding ideas.

For candles and soap with custom sizes, you can put them in your room as an additional aroma. Put the soap on your dressing table and leave your clothes with such a sweet smell. You will love the fragrance that comes from your office!

For scented candles, use them to relax in your home’s spa, relax on a personal spa day; Light these fragrant willows and let them revive you.

If it is ordinary candles, put them together and use them the next time you have a night party for a night party that you will organize at home. Your guests will be delighted with the variety of designs as you scatter them throughout your home.

This will have a great effect at a night party, and you will feel great when processing them. This is one of the best recycling ideas to impress.

May they be everywhere!

Another of the best ideas for wedding gifts is the reuse of key chains and pendants, as they come with special brackets. The use of these wedding services is not so bad, just take out the name or the attached message, and voila! This is a unique keychain in itself.

For other trinkets, why not put a thread and turn it into a unique necklace? All you need is creativity, and strives to do new and wonderful things with these wedding services. Hang these trinkets in your car or in your bag, or as a key ring or phone accessory. Get fashionable with old materials!