How to Pick Construction Estimating Software

How to Pick Construction Estimating Software

Judah August 16, 2021

There are numerous programs available that claim to assist a contractor in winning a construction bid, but determine which one will work best for you. Fortunately, all you need to do to resolve which construction estimating software to use is consider how you intend to use it.

One of the first factors to consider when selecting estimation software is the type of construction work you do. Because estimation software employs variables that vary depending on the kind of project at hand, there is a significant difference between contracting estimate software designed for a general contractor and software designed for a specific type of contractor. You can find something that will work on the particular kind of construction work that you do with the right software.

While some more expensive software is designed to work well for residential and commercial projects, most less costly programs are geared toward one. If you concentrate solely on residential or commercial contracting, you will most likely be able to find a program that caters to the same market you do. If you work on both commercial and residential projects, it may be worthwhile to spend the extra money on a program that can handle both.

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Customization Occasionally, a program will be missing a critical option that you require. If you find customizable software, you may add that function for your users using an interface provided by the program. If you can’t find something with enough customization options, you might be able to find a company willing to add a specific feature for you if you ask.

Interoperability A construction estimation package designed by the same company is included in many construction management programs. If you already use construction management software, it’s worth checking to see if the company that created it also offers an estimation program. Companies that create both programs usually make confident that they will work well together.

Check the upgrade and maintenance cycles of any software you consider to meet your requirements. Is it necessary to pay for upgrades? Because things change quickly in the contracting industry, it is critical to ensure that the program you purchase will either change with the field or leave you with the resources to choose something else if it does not.

Try Before You Buy If you find something you like, make sure it will work well for your business before making a final purchase. Check to see if the company is willing to provide a free online or offline demo of their product. If not, find out if there is a grace period during which you can request a refund if the software does not meet your requirements. Before you make a purchase that includes a money-back guarantee, read the fine print carefully to ensure that there aren’t any requirements that you won’t be able to meet if you’re dissatisfied.