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How to Become A Better Runescape Player

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How to Become A Better Runescape Player

Judah October 10, 2020

To be the best in the world, you have to garner the necessary skills to be on top. That means that you would need the best items alongside the best skills to beat the rest of the other players. However, this does not just happen overnight. Instead, you would need to dedicate some time and effort before you can consider yourself at the cream of the crop. That includes all the other necessary hard work that you have to pull-off in order to become the best.

But you cannot simply be the best without knowing what things you should work out on beforehand. That is why this guide will help you in becoming a better Runescape player in the most efficient way possible.Runescape game

Focus on Limited Skills First

One of the first things that you would notice when playing Runescape is that there is a mountain of skills to develop. This makes the game a ton of fun to become proficient at but it can also take an absurdly long time. That can break a player if they spend all their time trying to max out every single skill available in the game.

Instead, the most efficient way of making sure your character gets the proper leveling that they deserve is to take it one step at a time. This would mean that you should only consider a handful of skills that you should develop first before anything else. That would eliminate the long grind but still net you some of the best items in the game early on. Not only that but you would also have a lot of spare rs gold in your pocket.

Speaking of rs gold…

Gold Management

It is not an online MMORPG game if there isn’t a form of currency somewhere in here. That is why the Runescape game has its own version of currency dubbed the rs gold. RS stands for Runescape, is one of the most precious resources in the game.

This is something that you absolutely need to maintain for long periods of time. Unfortunately, the game has this mechanic that would make you lose all the coins you have in your pocket when you perish. That is why you should limit the amount of money you hold every time you go out.

The best way to avoid losing massive unnecessary amounts of coins is to always top-up on sites such as This website can help you regain your lost coins by paying a small fee to purchase more coins than ever. You can even make the game a lot easier if you buy a lot early on.