massage therapist in Fort Worth, TX

Hand and Stone’s massage therapist in Fort Worth, TX

massage therapist in Fort Worth, TX

Hand and Stone’s massage therapist in Fort Worth, TX

Judah June 17, 2022

We, throughout our lives, focus most of our attention on succumbing and pleasing the desires and fancies of other people. But, in that process of hunting for happiness outside of us, we sometimes might fail to reflect that within ourselves, within the depths of our very own souls.

This is quite natural but equally dangerous. It hampers growth and lowers our self-esteem. And, that is why nowadays there is this increased focus on developing positive self-esteem through giving us self-love before giving it to others.

Perhaps, one of the ways to do that is to feel good in your skin. And, certainly having a good facial or a relaxing massage can do miracles to empower you on that long journey home to self-love.

What is massage therapy and why does one need it?

massage therapist in Fort Worth, TX is nothing but a modern technique of inducing soft and tender pressures and strokes on the body to relax it from unnecessary stress and pain. There are various kinds of massage therapies depending on the distinct requirement of a person’s body. These include:

  • Swedish Massage 

What is basically done in this is the application of long and soft strokes on the muscles that need relaxation from chronic pain. The pressure of the strokes can be adjusted according to the preferences set by the estheticians or the customers.

  • Deep Tissue

It is the application of guided strokes to help the body get rid of the stiffness in the muscles that is way deep down the outer muscles. Hence, it is more intense than the classic Swedish massage and can help easily treat various types of chronic pain conditions.

  • Sports Massage 

It is very common for sportspersons to develop injuries and that is why it is recommended that they should take massages on a periodic basis to help the muscles maintain the flexibility without undergoing any kind of pain.

  • Hot Stone 

It is Hand and Stone’s signature massage that is simply the coupling of Swedish massage with a heated stone. It provides deeper relaxation and is very effective in the treatment of conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis. The ambiance at Hand and Stone with customized sound and lighting combined with soothing aromas make this a more perfect experience to calm you down thoroughly.

  • Trigger Point 

It is the use of fingers to develop pressures on the muscles to prevent localized muscle spasms.

  • Prenatal Massage 

A must-take massage for all the mothers-to-be. With soft pressures and deeper relaxation effects, it calms the body and mind of the mothers-to-be which is extremely important for the bearing of a healthy and happy baby.