Get A Better Shape Quickly And Easily With EMS Training At iFitzone Health and Performance Studio

Get A Better Shape Quickly And Easily With EMS Training At iFitzone Health and Performance Studio

Judah February 22, 2021

What EMS Training Session Includes?

It all starts with the exercise clothes, which includes a waistcoat and shorts made of breathable antibacterial fabric. The 10 pairs of electrodes that are located over the most prominent portion of your muscles are connected to your gear. With the support of adhesive fasteners, these electrodes are fixed.

Your coach will launch the conditioning programme, which takes up to 20 minutes and is tailored to the particular body shape, as soon as you put all this on, while the urges continue to warm up the muscles and contract them.

The client will conduct basic gymnastic movements in accordance with the instructions of a licenced personal coach and the work of EMS, which will eventually make his or her body stronger. Both classes of muscles work concurrently in the process of exercise. As such, in successful classical training, you get a result worth 3 hours.

What Goals Can One Achieve with EMS?

Training in EMS is a multifunctional form of operation which helps achieve the following objectives:

  • You will be able to get slimmer and lose over 5 kg of weight after a month of routine EMS training, which will allow you to leave your current size and start wearing clothes that are 2 sizes smaller.
  • Excess weight, such as sagging or loss of muscle tone, can leave you without any improvements to your skin. One exercise session requires about 500 calories to be burnt, and after the practise, 2,000 calories can be consumed. It will make your waist 6.5 cm smaller in 10 workout sessions, while your hips will lose about 1.5 cm.

Get a perfect body shape.

Over 500 muscles are enabled by EMS, ( which helps work on ligaments that are not available during a daily exercise session. Deep muscle relaxation makes them more perceptible, well defined and, therefore, rippling. An analysis undertaken at the Universities of Bayreuth and Erlangen-Nuremberg found that 89 per cent of EMS training participants admitted that after 10-13 training sessions their body got stronger and much more toned.

Increase endurance.

Only 20 minutes of EMS training is equivalent to 3 hours of intensive fitness in a gym! You will be able to make your muscles stronger within just a brief amount of time, and will thus become more active, while your metabolism will start functioning flawlessly. You’ll be able to bear almost any physical load during those exercises.

Make muscles more visible.

EMS-training helps 80% of the muscles to function, while only 40 percent of classical gym training is enabled. The urges will assist you to operate both on superficial and deep muscles. The interchangeable use of electrical impulses of different forms, duration, and strength makes it possible to improve the sound of the muscle and to nourish it with healthy substances that are required for muscle regeneration and new tissue build-up. These processes will take place in the body after practising for up to 36 hours.

Get rid of back pain.

The easiest way to avoid back pain and spine related conditions is to have a solid muscle centre. Using standard exercises, it is just hard to use the spinal muscles to their full capacity! EMS-training makes it a reality, though! A group of participants were gathered by researchers from the Universities of Bayreuth and Erlangen-Nuremberg who obtained instruction using an EMS device.

50 percent of the participants admitted that they managed to get rid of back pain and improve posture after 10 training sessions. After two workout sessions, 20% of individuals got rid of the uncomfortable muscle tone. 87 percent of participants fully forgot about the uncomfortable feelings in their back after six weeks of this trial, while 30 percent were stronger by bearing greater physical load on the muscle heart.

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